Rennie Health Centres in Heathmont

Rennie Health Centres Team – Dr. Neal Rennie (Chiropractor) and Clinic Manager Agi Pasztor

The Purpose of Rennie Health Centres

Our aim is to help you reach your optimal health and well-being, feel
energized, achieve vitality by understanding your body. This has been our
vision since 1988.

We offer chiropractic and a range of other complementary therapies.

Minimizing Further Deterioration

Experience has shown that while pain relief is usually top priority, the
underlying weaknesses must be tracked down and appropriately dealt with to
minimize further deterioration. Without finding and correcting the cause, the
problem may keep reoccurring.

Improved Health & Fitness through Education

To achieve our outcome of improved health and fitness at Rennie Health
Centres, our main aim is education. The second step is to share up-to-date and
practical information at our health classes for the whole family. The third
step is to give, when appropriate, individualized information during your
consultation to address chronic issues.

Our Patients ˜ Our Friends

Our chiropractic patients are often families, from grandparents to
grandchildren and we’ve known each other anywhere from a couple of days to over
twenty years. As times goes by, going through highs and lows we are more then
just doctor and patient — we are friends. In our rushed lives we’d like to
create a little haven, where you and your life matters. Where from a cocoon a
butterfly can form. Where you can reach for your full potential.

We are all responsible for our own health.

Quite often we need to change our life/ mental attitude to achieve a
great result. We cannot expect to arrive somewhere else while walking on the
same road. Just because now, it seems, there is a pill for everything it does
not mean we can keep abusing our body forever. Or, we can, but not without
consequences. No-one knows your body better. And no-one can do a better job to
heal it. We can only help.

Our Vision at Rennie Health Centres

Our vision is to empower people to become more of whom they wish to be
by becoming healthier in body and mind and emotionally resilient.

Sound interesting? Please contact Rennie Health Centres to make an
appointment with our Kinesiologist, Neal, or with one of our team.

Life is a journey.

No-one else can walk on your path but
there are others who can help along the way.
Still, don’t ask: ‘How can you help me?’
but do ask: ‘How can I help myself?’
and we’ll be there, together, all the way.

Serving Heathmont, Ringwood, Croydon, Wantirna, Wantirna South, Bayswater, Boronia, Kilsyth, Scoresby, Ferntree Gully, Vermont, Vermont South, Mitcham, & Nunawading.

Rennie Health Centres in Heathmont

Rennie Health Centres Team – Dr. Neal Rennie (Chiropractor) and Clinic Manager Agi Pasztor